"Everything that is perpetuated in time successfully

begins in a symbiosis..."


P  A  I  N  T  E  R   -   P  H  O  T  O  G  R  A  P  H E  R   -  S  C  U  L  P  T  O  R



  • The "Simbiosismo" is a way of making and understanding of art.

  • Hyperrealism tried to paint photography and the "Simbiosismo" in one of its forms, makes photography painting.


  • "Simbiosismo" among other variables, is a mix of photography and painting made both by the same artist.

The Abstraction

The Figuration


  • The "Simbiosismo" aims primarily to tell stories, capture thoughts and ideas, but can also participate in pure expressionism.

  • The art in symbiosis becomes transgressive with the firm purpose of reversing the implanted stereotype implanted in society that makes the image the foundation and premise of our lives. It creates works in which reality, which seems to be evident, vanishes with the same ease with which fiction itself does.

What is the

Photography...? Painting...? or both...

A new artists generation

with a new artistic conception

"Change the support.

  Change the methodology.

  Change the preparation and learning,

  but the basic principles remain.

  In short...   The art evolves." (CFC)

the beginning


“The photographs are the basis

and the fundamental,

they are the sketches, quick traces of reality and germ of all the work,

the notebook from which the work begins to take shape and acquires meaning,

they are the essential notes that are obtained from the natural. "


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Chicote cfc Copyright - Madrid (Spain)
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T  H  E      E  S  S  E  N  T  I  A  L  S

Chicote cfc Copyright - Madrid (Spain)
Chicote cfc Copyright - Madrid (Spain)
Chicote cfc Copyright - Madrid (Spain)


"Treat the forms are diluted among the 

 thousands of fragments, textures and

 pieces, that was the original intention.

 Now... the imagination is able to create new

 bodies that end up being integrated within

 the work ... it turns out to be a side effect of

 the subjective contribution of the



What is

"A personal vision of Art"

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Madrid - Spain

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