"The sensitivity and perceptual intelligence

are those they make art something colossal"

Chicote CFC / 2012

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Contemporary art, and in particular the plastic arts, feed off a tension between opposing poles that struggle to dominate the conception of art. Sculpture, theater, cinema and painting ... are the axiom, the beginning; and the installation, performance, video art and certain manifestations of urban art ... respectively are the refutation. This is but a reflection of the unconscious and imponderable propensity that leads the human being to inquire into the way of building itself as well as self-destruction.


There is a huge inaccuracy and little or no knowledge about what today is considered as art and it is this same ambiguity that leads to a large part of what is exhibited in fairs and exhibitions does not really come to be understood as such or even, if we are sincere, can be credited with such consideration. This is the only reason that leads me to enunciate here my peculiar and particular definition of art.

"Art is...  all creation worthy of admiration, product of ingenuity and human effort, capable of captivating the senses."

A true work of art has to integrate by this order, the following elements:

  • The fundamental fact of being original

  • Have a high aesthetic level - visual or acoustic -

  • Possess a high degree of difficulty

  • Be endowed with an appreciated and valued theoretical / practical content and

  • That really is able to produce admiration over the provocatio


“Art is the maximum expression of creative and imaginative talent."

Having an artistic ability implies being endowed with a faculty and a skill that

does not always imply having reached this maximum.



"We have been copying for more than 5,000

 years, we do nothing but transcribe
 and reinterpret our environment"

Chicote CFC / 2012


That as its name indicates, from which part an idea, conception or approach and whose final work is basically composed of elements already manufactured previously or has been made by other artists or operators, being he a mere supervisor of the process.



The one in which both the origin of the elements of conception or approach of the work, as well as its total and complete execution, are combined.

Guerras Chino-Japonesas (2018) CB-1894 P
CHINESE-JAPANESE WARS - 2018 - CB-1894/007


                                        TYPES OF ART



Any work, act, show, representation, composition, assembly or installation that due to its uniqueness or peculiarities can only be exhibited, staged or performed for a limited time.


It includes any work or artistic representation projected with the purpose of not being subject to periods or time intervals for its contemplation.

"Art has reached that point where much of the society's values are,

you pay expensive what just okay nothing and is what really gives you value.

We revalue the lie and tarnish the certainty."  Chicote CFC / 2012


Multidisciplinary Artist

“Art is everything that acquires the status of sublime, admirable and desirable at the same time as almost unattainable.

It is irrelevant what we are all capable of. "

Chicote CFC / 2012

Some consider that there are prejudices when it comes to establishing what art is and what is or is not, which have conditioned us in advance to define what is to be considered art and what is not, but this of course is an error of a conception that benefits those who were and never will be artists and use the tongue twister of dialectics to optimize something for their own benefit.

If this were to be the case, it would be allowed (as it is very wrongly happening) that everyone can be an artist with or without qualities, that everything is art and that art as such loses its true value and therefore we have to question his existence.

If we do not establish a clear difference between what is good and what is anomalous, a child will never know if what he is doing with his behavior is a benefit or a harm and therefore in his conception these words will completely lose their value and their meaning. The result will be that most children when they reach adolescence will end up being delinquents without guilt or remorse. For this reason, it is necessary to establish rules and conditions (which are not prejudices) so that every game can be understood, respected and learned by everyone. This is as obvious as that if a deck of cards are not applied to some rules of the game it would not be useful, they would be mere postcards of no value.


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